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Flight simulation

Some framegrabs from realtime flight simulation projects for commercial and military customers. Rendered in the Rockwell Collins EP2 realtime system.

Chris longhurst us2

US-2 Kai air-sea rescue

Chris longhurst apollo

Apollo CM an LEM

Chris longhurst chinook

Chinook dust landing

Chris longhurst luggagetag 01

Delta A350 takeoff from Atlanta

Chris longhurst continental737wet

Continental (now United) 737 taxiing on a wet ramp

Chris longhurst b747 through the ages

The evolution of one realtime model from 1987 to 2011. The geo and textures were rebuilt each time for each new version of the simulation hardware and software.

Chris longhurst klm787 06 with blur

KLM Boeing 787 over Amsterdam Schiphol airport